From Law to Sales to Marriage

Deidre Yablen, a Senior Account Executive at EGCR, opens up a window to court reporting’s past and her own.  Read on to learn about her journey from sales to marriage and how technology has changed from when she first started in the industry.

I have been marketing and selling court reporting services to attorneys for over 24 years, 18 years at EGCR.  Throughout my career, I have witnessed firsthand how technology has dramatically advanced court reporting and streamlined litigation support.

Schedule your deposition and order your transcript online?  20 years ago, there was no online.  Receive immediate delivery for your transcripts? 20 years ago, we would scramble behind the scenes and have it delivered by messenger.  Include color exhibits along with these transcripts?  20 years ago, each exhibit had to be placed on the copier one at a time.  Realtime for your depositions? 20 years ago, the court reporter needed to provide a “token” and had to bring along a ton of special wires to make the connection.  Remember, there was no wireless internet back then.

Before I entered court reporting sales, I graduated from Touro Law School and practiced law for 2 years.  I quickly realized that sales was a much better fit for me.  I now use my legal knowledge and experience to better understand the complex demands and specific needs of each of my clients.

Sales really was the better fit for me.  22 years ago, I met my husband Michael on a sales appointment.  Just 30 days after that initial meeting, we were engaged to be married.  We now have 2 children; Michelle, a sophomore in college, and David, a senior in high school.

Just as my family has continued growing, so have the global services offered at Ellen Grauer Court Reporting:

  • Online Scheduling
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Remote Text / Video Streaming
  • Secure Internet Repository 
  • Video Synchronization with transcripts
  • Video Conferencing
  • Electronic Exhibits
  • Trial Services

For more detailed information about our global services, please visit our homepage:

Time sure flies and technology sure has come a long way!

Deidre Yablen

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