A Letter to Moms

Jady Ortega has been overseeing day-to-day operations for EGCR for over 10 years.  During this time, she has also raised two beautiful daughters while making sure that everything continues to run seamlessly in the office.  As a woman-owned business, finding a work-life balance has always remained a core value for EGCR.  On the heels of Mother’s Day, Jady celebrates what it means to be a mother in the letter below.

Each year for Mother’s Day, I adore having my girls give me what I call “special loving.”  They want to bring me breakfast in bed, cuddle with me, draw me pictures, read to me and just “love me” all day.  I love it.  Because they want to do everything to make me happy, it’s the one day I don’t worry about the time: time to brush teeth, time to eat, time for homework, a bath, dinner, bed.  I enjoy every second of this day.  It’s the one day I don’t beat myself up for not letting my little peanut wear those leopard print pants with a stripped glitter sweater and pink cowgirl boots – or worry that the nickname peanut will make her feel small her whole life…see where I’m going with this?  So, after thinking it over, I decided to write a letter to Moms.  

Dear Moms,

Happy Mother’s Day!  Today, celebrate you and all that has made you a mom: your children, your husband, your own mom, and all the wonderful moms around you.  Enjoy every second of the day!  Stop being so hard on yourself, don’t worry about mistakes; we all make them!   Look at your children and be silly and laugh.  Spend time with them…that’s all they really want.  Tuck them in, look into their eyes and tell them how much you love them.  Sit back and think of all the good things being a mom has brought you.  You are your child’s first love, first friend, and that’s priceless.  Think of your own mom, tell her she’s the best, and above all, thank her for all the unconditional love she’s given you.  Think of all the moms you know.  If your mom has passed, send a silent prayer into the world for her, thanking her for every precious moment she gave you.   Take the time to tell yourself – I may not be a perfect mom, but I’m a good one, and that’s okay!

With Love,

A Mom


Jady Ortega, Managing Director at EGCR, serves as liaison between EGCR staff, reporters, and clients.  She lives in New Jersey with her husband Oscar and her two daughters Nyah, 10, and Addison, 6.


5 thoughts on “A Letter to Moms

  • I apologize for the delay in reading, and I must state that I was emotionally moved . At the end of the day a mom just wants to sit back, with a glass of wine or coffee,exhale,smile and look at her masterpiece . .. well done baby girl…..

  • I say go for it. I have 2 girls. Got pregnant SO EASY. Then we waited and talked about it and &#2#i0;dec8ded&28221; when a good time would be. I’m a planner and I planned when it would fit into our lives. That was 2 years ago. Now my plans are all messed up. I took my fertility for granted and just assumed it would work out the way I thought it would.

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