A Time When “Right Now” is the Standard

In our court reporting industry, we work hard to stay on top of cutting edge technology and embrace new developments to increase productivity and efficiency.  As a court reporter at Ellen Grauer Court Reporting, I am doing my part to make sure our clients take advantage of the latest hardware and software available.


By far, realtime has had a huge impact on the court reporting industry.  Although it has been around for years, this technology now offers our clients more value than ever before.  In addition to being able to read the testimony as it is happening in real time, which gives attorneys greater control during questioning, they can now attend the deposition remotely through video and tech streaming.


The days of providing realtime with cumbersome cables and serial ports are gone.  With the advent of wireless technology, realtime is now offered through a router, creating its own network.  The recipient is given an iPad, or other tablet, that is connected wirelessly.  This advanced setup allows the reporter to quickly and seamlessly provide an in-room feed that is more portable and user-friendly.  Searching and marking has never been easier; it is as simple as doing a Google search.  Features like “refresh” give the reporter an opportunity to deliver a more accurate, reliable and usable realtime transcript.


In the past, the expertise of the court reporter was only recognized once an accurate final transcript was received by the client.  Technology has transformed the court reporter’s value and how they are perceived.  Now, my worth is borne out during the proceedings, rather than at the conclusion, because the attorneys are able to see the testimony instantaneously translated into English as I type in steno. 

Instant texting is another tech-forward feature offered during a realtime deposition. Litigators are able to communicate privately with their colleagues and experts, in or out of the room, enabling them to more effectively question the witness.


There are many studies that show that comprehension when reading is far greater than when listening.  A Carnegie Mellon Study demonstrates how reading and listening activate different parts of the brain.  The bottom line is that listening presents challenges because it is easy to become distracted and lose concentration.  This phenomenon is compounded when an individual is taking notes.  Therefore, having a written transcript available in real time, while listening to a witness give testimony, is invaluable.


Travel is a huge line item on balance sheets.  Video conferencing and telepresence technology eliminate unnecessary costs.  Realtime streaming technology is the perfect complement to these services.  Attorneys can avail themselves to a realtime feed from anywhere in the world, saving their clients time and money.


In a time when right now is the standard, tech-savvy court reporters have their finger on the pulse.  This is truly one of those instances where we ask ourselves, “how did we ever live without this?”


Sadie Herbert, RPR, CLR, RSA is a court reporter for Ellen Grauer Court Reporting

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