I have worked with Ellen Grauer Court Reporting for over a decade and have found every aspect of the services to be top notch. My cases have been large and small, international and NY-based, and have required the use of all of their resources and capabilities. Ellen makes herself personally available 24/7 and hires reliable, friendly people to assist her. Most importantly, Ellen’s reporters are first rate. They are polite and deliver superb transcripts. When cases are out of town, I tap into Ellen’s extensive national and international contacts whose services are then seamlessly provided through Ellen Grauer Court Reporting.
Jeffrey A. Rosenthal, Partnercleary

We have used Ellen Grauer Court Reporting exclusively since 2007. In the last three years alone, Ellen Grauer has reported for us more than 375 depositions, in more than a dozen cities, without a hitch. Ellen Grauer’s reporters, videographers, and staff are professional, reliable, and responsive. The quality of their work is first-rate. The firm’s pricing is very competitive, and its technology is always up-to-date. From what we hear from friends in other firms and observe ourselves in depositions taken by others, Ellen Grauer is head-and-shoulders better than any of the “national” reporting firms. 
David Grais, Partner   

I have consistently found Ellen Grauer Court Reporting to rise well above any competition in terms of accuracy, responsiveness, the range of services provided, and pricing. In addition, they are truly terrific people to deal with.
Garrard R. Beeney, Partner sullcrom

For almost a decade, I have exclusively used Ellen Grauer globally for all of my depositions. They have covered hundreds of depositions for me throughout the United States, as well as in Latin America, Africa and Europe. Their reporters and videographers are uniformly excellent. They have always been able to accommodate my needs, even when the depositions were scheduled on very short notice. Perhaps the highest complement to the quality of their services is that on several large, highly contentious matters the only thing that all of the parties could agree to was for everyone to use Grauer because of the fairness of their prices, accuracy of their transcripts and excellent responsiveness.
Geoffrey Potter, Partner

I have been an Ellen Grauer devotee for two decades. Her professionalism, understanding of our profession’s legal and business needs, attention to detail, accessibility, global reach and aggressive pricing have made Ellen Grauer Court Reporting my go-to firm. In my opinion, there is no need to look elsewhere when in need of world class reporting services, either domestically or abroad. Ellen and her team are also delightful to work with.
Stuart M. Sarnoff, Partner

What separates Ellen Grauer Court Reporting from the rest is the personal service. Ellen is a pleasure to work with and is reachable day or night should an emergency arise. She surrounds herself with quality people to service your account and uses only first-rate court reporters. Consequently, arranging for depositions, even in connection with the most complex cases and regardless of location, is extremely easy. Moreover the quality of the work has always been top notch and produced in a timely manner.
Robert S. Weisbein, Partner foley

I have taken well over a hundred depositions in the past decade and used Ellen Grauer Court Reporting for every one of them. In addition to being a pleasure to deal with, I have found the reporters she employs to be extremely professional, reliable and, perhaps most importantly, accurate and timely. While I have been exposed to numerous reporting companies throughout NY and the country, if there is one company that I would use globally, it would be Ellen Grauer Court Reporting.
Philip R. Hoffman, Partner pryor

Ellen Grauer Court Reporting stands above the rest in terms of customer service, attention to detail and reliability. I have worked exclusively with EGCR for the past ten years because I am provided with superb reporters in the US and abroad every time and am kept current on all the latest industry technology. Ellen’s conscientious effort permeates throughout her organization. One final thought: to the extent you are considering using another court reporting agency, it would be a mistake.
Lee Goldberg, Partner

The professional relationship between Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP and Ellen Grauer Court Reporting Company began when both companies were in their infancies. Over the years, this relationship has grown to mutual respect and admiration. Generally, patent litigation depositions are very technical and scientific. Ellen Grauer’s court reporters are highly skilled and always well prepared for these depositions. They do their homework and are able to keep pace with both the attorneys and witnesses. Ellen Grauer’s litigation support staff and videographers also offer cutting-edge technology that saves our clients time and money. We truly value our professional relationship with Ellen Grauer Court Reporting Company.
Ed H. Haug, Partner flh

Whenever I need a court reporter, which is often, I call Ellen Grauer Court Reporting. If the written record is important, there is no one else I would sooner trust. Ellen maintains a consistently excellent team of skilled, reliable reporters, and no matter where, when or how the testimony needs to be obtained, Ellen’s team has always come through for me. She’s the best.
John Crossman, Partner zuker