Trial Services

EGCR has chosen a strategic alliance with InData Corporation, the trial service provider our clients know and trust. The greatest advantage of trial technology is the visualization it offers for the decision maker. Since people retain exponentially more information from seeing than hearing, a legal team substantially increases the probability of victory when it shows, rather than just tells. As a result of this alliance with inData, our company brings years of experience into the courtroom for your litigation team. With on-site trial support assistance, your team can focus on theory, strategy, and the law, rather than how, where, and when the exhibits will be displayed in court.

What does a Trial Consultant Do?

  • Assist in pre-trial preparation, including database creation and maintenance
  • Coordinate data — video, documents and demonstrative evidence — in the proper locations to ensure ease of use, search and retrieval
  • Work with expert witnesses and outside vendors to produce quality exhibits
  • Assist in the preparation, creation, or modification of exhibits
  • Create witness video clips from video depositions for impeachment purposes
  • Produce professional quality PowerPoint™ presentations
  • Prepare trial and witness notebooks
  • Develop case presentation strategy
  • Help paralegals, attorneys, and expert witnesses understand what presentation techniques work best at trial
  • Provide complete technical support for presentation systems and technology
  • Pre-load and present your case exhibits and video at trial with TrialDirector®, our winning trial presentation software
  • Recall and display impeaching testimony and documents on-the-fly as needed
EGCR can assist you with all your case needs, from discovery through trial.